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Status Update

The server is approaching end of development for the post-wipe release. We're sorry about the inconvenience but this map update was the factor that forced us to wipe and caught us off guard. Unfortunately we were behind schedule (thanks IRL). In the next few days we'll be releasing the full changelog that will show all the effective changes coming in game. The reason why we haven't just wiped and updated was because we had to fix some issues and change some mods.




We are changing mods for various reasons:

1) To apply for monetization once we are ready in order to have reserved slots (Reserved slots at the server release will be only used by Staff and Streamer/Youtubers

2) To "lighten" the load on the server and players (There's no need for 20GB+ of mods since we're not using most of their content )

3) Compatibility between items/weapons/attachments/ammo

4) To be able to have more custom content


In the meantime our team has expanded. Our recent honorable mentions: 
@Genesis92x - He's the creator of VCOM AIs, a well known state-of-the-art AI Module for Arma 3. He is currently working on our new Zombie Module. (And AI module in the future) 
@maxjoiner - An Italian fellow who's been creating Arma 3 mods since modding has been introduced in the Arma series. He has provided us with unique 3D models of zombies, that no other community has. 
@Cloud - He's the owner of another Arma 3 exile community, militarized, and he's been helping us on the optimization side-of-things. Thanks to him we'll have GIGAFPS

As per our other long time devs we have to mention:
@Bryan - who is cooking up a new MarXet just for us. This new player market will have a barter and auction system. You will be able to trade items/vehicles for other items, and have an auction house where players will bid on items with poptabs. 
@Andrew - who has been helping updating the community mod, adding new content and implementing features like SafeX ™ and more. 

I also wanna thank some the @Admin s and @Head Admin s who are helping balancing the new loot on the server and working along with me in this painful nit-picking process.

Now the questions: 
When is the server coming back? -
Saturday Sept 15th. At what time? Not sure yet, but anytime during Saturday. 
What's new about the server? As I mentioned before, we'll release a changelog a few hours prior to the server release. In terms of the features I have mentioned above, Zombies and new MarXet are coming soon ™ after the server will be released, since those are quite complicated to code and need extensive testing. 
What else is new? Well as you have read today, DayZ SA is going to be releasing server files next week, so definitely expect us to get on board with it. - We might expand the team further in order to get on the DayZ train. Hopefully with the server files release, we'll be able to bring the cool AWG ™ experience on the new platform, making DayZ a pleasant game to play.




Another thank you goes to the Patreons who have kept us alive all those months and have joined this week of hard work to support us even further, no matter how much you donated on Patreon, 1$, 5$, 10$ that motivated us a lot and kept us going! Thank you very much!


Special thank you to @Rigby as well who has provided us with awesome screenshots that we will include in the mod and @Magz who provided us with new graphics for the mod as well.



As our team is expanding, we are looking for someone who would like to join us as discord-website moderator. We are looking for someone who can post on both platforms to keep users up to date with what's going on. Video/Photo skills are a plus. If you are interested and wanna know more, you can apply on the staff application section on the website!



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