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Adam Kadmon

AWG Update, News, Roadmap and more!

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Hello everyone!


This has been a fantastic year for AWG. After founding the Community 1 year ago, we've grown so much and we're excited about what we have achieved and what our road ahead will be.


As of today, we have the 1st and 6th most popular Exile servers in the world! But this doesn't mean our development has stopped. This month we have a few interesting things going on and here are some of the details!





We wanted to create a unique experience and we have been successful! (Thanks to you!) Survival servers are a rare gem nowadays and shaping this kind of environment is not easy. We started with the idea of recreating a DayZ experience but then wanted to add our own twist to it. We understood what our old-school DayZ lovers wanted and didnt want to have a "copy-cat" experience when there are so many new attributes to include with Arma3! 

With this being said, the server population is growing at a rapid pace and we would like to improve the user experience and give players more things to do while playing on the server.


Here is what our short term development road-map looks like: 

  • Humanity System: We are looking to introduce humanity and its additional aspects to survival. Your character will decide which path they would like to pursue (Hero or Bandit) this choice will come with rewards on each side in different ways, and perhaps penalties.)
  • More fun stuff to do: After adding the scavenge system, we are looking to add a few other activities in game: Farming, Weed Fields, Mining, Roaming Trader, and more.
  • New Zombie Intelligence: As of right now, we are also working on improved Zombie intelligence. No longer Zombies will feel like useless bots. They will have line of sight, react to sound and have different spawn rules. Hordes will only spawn at night, and there will be a 30% increase of total number of zombies on the server.
  • Vehicles: We will implement a new vehicle spawn system. There will be an additional 20 vehicles on the server than what we have now. We will add additional static spawns in particular locations as well as boat spawns. With the addition of boats, there will Underwater Crates for people to discover and loot.
  • Loot refinement: We will also be working on improving loot, we will try to get Scavenge Loot to spawn more unique items, we are adding new items to diversify game play, we will try to create incremental loot spawns (The more you are inside the map, the better the loot) and other minor refinements/improvements.
  • Super Crates: Inspired by Breaking Point Mod, we will add Super Crates randomly spawning around the map each restart, making it so all the unexplored new areas of Chernarus Redux more interesting to visit :)





Altis has been our stepping stone to success. 


We recently purchased a new dedicated machine (More powerful) that we will be transferring the Altis server too. This is being done in order to have more available player slots and to ensure players keep continue to have the seamless performance experience as they are having right now.


From a development perspective, we'll be looking into optimizing some scripts to ensure even smoother game play; as well as trying to squeeze every bit of power out of the new machine in order to accommodate as many players as we can on the same instance.





Sahrani is going to be our new 3rd server! We are SO excited about the release of this server, as it will provide a more organic exile experience. (Something in between our Militarized and Survival "brands") 

Here are some unique features:

  • Infantry centered game play: Forget about lots of vehicles, this is all about that infantry grind. With over 200 different weapons and crazy amount of clothing, you can be anyone you want. If you are a solo player or a team player, you will be seamlessly able to enjoy the experience.
  • Enter-able Buildings: Sahrani has always been an iffy map, but with a little development we made most of the map buildings completely enter-able, so that the infantry and ground warfare experience are improved. 
  • Money doesn't buy you everything: With the infantry experience being the center of our attention, we are well aware that some infantry weapons can ruin the game-play experience of others, if overused. With that in mind, without sacrificing diversity, we have included all classes of weapons but some weapons will only be able to be acquired by looting, doing missions and other events. The highest class of weapons will be considered RARE!
  • No Thermals: Title speaks for itself.
  • Sector B: The good ol Sector B comes back, this time on Sahrani, on a small island, with an airstrip, a lot of guards and a beautiful treasure. 

There are many other particular aspects of Sahrani that are not listed here that we will keep for launch day. Sometime Soon ™



Being December we expect more people to be having additional time to enjoy a good ol' Arma session while its freezing outside. (You desert and south of the equator people love the winter too!)  With that being said, there will be a few really cool events coming up (exact dates to be announced in discord soon!). +

  1. AWG vs BFC: This event will be held around Christmas. 30 to 40 of our players, including our Staff members will join a best of 3 KOTH match against the BFC guys and their players. We will open a thread where you can sign up for the event, and we will choose a bunch of players to come with us if too many people will sign up, otherwise first come first serve will be the policy. After playing 3 KOTH games we will be hosting a few games of Exile Escape. This is an awesome opportunity for the AWG community to beta test some new work that the exile developers have been working on! This will also help the Exile Developers perfect their creation, monitoring performance, bugs and whatnot!
  2. Secret Santa: During the month of December, you will probably see a Sleigh flying around Altis or Cherno with Santa bearing gifts for all of yous! This will go on the entire month, and will have an official event somewhere also around Christmas Break for our players to meet and interact with Santa Kadmon! 
  3. In Game Events: We will be hosting a variety of in game events, including vehicle battles, puzzles, raffles and last man standing battles!


As you can see we have quite a bit going on in the background. 


I would like to thank everyone that has participated in the last year with helping us grow! We appreciate ALL the donations to keep the servers going and this awesome community alive!


We look forward to a crazy New Year of gaming, development and fun!


Have a nice month :)


Special thanks to @Linkn @Six @PsychoRaptor for all their help on the continued development of the Altis and Chernarus servers! 

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