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Adam Kadmon

Altis Changelog 8/22/17

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Changed: Traders are now listing objects separately by mods. This does not include Vehicle Traders.

Changed: Balanced Pricing for VSM gear and other items in traders.

Changed: ZCP rewards. Boxes are now more profitable and have a higher chance to drop rare items. Also military vehicle drop chance have changed to the proper vehicles.

Changed: Exile Airdrops (Event, not the App). Exile Airdrops now have a chance to drop a Concrete Box, a higher tier Weapon Box and all airdrops now will always have 1 Documents in it.

Added: Instadoc Hotkey. Now if you have an instadoc on you, and you bind Custom Control 8 to a key, you can instantly heal without needing to open your inventory.

Removed: Some Extra Unecessary Trader Objects.

Fixed: Respect Required to Upgrade Territories. Whenever upgrading a territory now, you will need a certain amount of respect, that will only be required but not deducted.

Fixed: Some Trader objects that weren't placed properly and some animations that weren't working.

Fixed: Infistar conflicting with raiding a territory. You won't be switching to first person anymore and you shouldn't be teleported across the map or knocked out unless you are actually glitching.

Todo: Add 8G Bullet Cam Ammo at Spec Ops Traders.

Todo: Add some missing items to loot tables. (SR25 Suppressor, Titan Suppressor etc.)

Todo: Find a possible fix for Enhanced Movement unless it was fixed with latest infistar tweaks.

Todo: Add BigMomma Rare drop to certain events.

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