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Trader Loadout

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Hello everibadi im from Russia sorry for my bed england.

so i want to you guys think about trader loadouts, for example i dont have ssd and its so pain in the ass to buy things on trader for like 10 mins

its simple thing to improve gameplay.

so for example im buying rus Orsis-5000 with scope,lvl5 vest, anti thermal gear and some heals.thats it, but i wanna do it in 1 click,  not spend like 10 mins on loading traders  and shit

i think its cool feature that allow players not spend much time on clicking on trade

so how this is works : i bought my sniper, gear , ammo , heals , smaw maybe and thermals, and save this all gear in loadout slot

loadout thing is like thisRahN10e.png

then it opens menu like thismYYhmv6.png


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