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  1. I can see why most people are turn off with number 1 for the sole fact is increases the effectiveness of armored vehicles, BUT saying that about number 2 is honestly just going to turn people away from the server! Why is AWG number 48 instead of number 1? Well because if they think like you then they're appealing to the few instead of the many. Arma 3 dlcs are a total of over $100 in total along with the game. Not EVERYONE has that type of cash whatsoever! So basically if you think like that then you're making this server more like a pay to win for the fact that people who have the dlc's have a better chance against people who don't and that's just not fair whatsoever. If we're going to use that logic then why even have an anti-air mission if the vehicle requires a dlc? I mean its only useful to people who have the dlc isn't it? Which isn't everyone. Well I'm not going to relearn the blackfish to see the speed it drops when I know 90% of other servers will just accommodate me because they SHOW the engine power! Engine power is very useful along with the speed and altitude on the top left because they're all in THE SAME PLACE! Now I get that you don't want these things to change because you already have the benefit over players that you have all the dlcs or know how to fly with just speed, BUT you shouldn't take away the benefits from other players who doesn't spend more money than you on the game and learns a different way than you. ESPECIALLY since blackfishes are a bit useless since speed is noticed on the bottom right while altitude is on the top left. Now that right there is just not a convenient placement.
  2. 1) Auto-drive: Auto-Drive is a function that allows players to gun and drive at the same time. Basically what happens is the person goes into the gunner seat and scroll wheel then press enter on the "Auto-Drive Feature". Now what are the pros or cons of this? Pros: ~ Solos are able to be as effective as people who runs as a group ~ Its more convenient where you will have a better reaction time and you know where to drive in order to aim better instead of needing to communicate between driver and gunner ~ Makes main battle tank and apc missions more worth it ~ More fun and more likely to get XP because currently the driver just sits there while the gunner gets all the fun shooting and XP Cons: ~ Possibility that armored vehicles will be more popular and groups will run with a large amount of tanks ~ Can still be countered by people camping inside of their base Now why should we even do this with that type of con? Well I was first introduced to the auto-drive feature playing wasteland and I notice that people are less likely to go for tanks and instead goes for helicopters. This is because jets usually take them out or helis can our maneuver them PLUS everyone is around with AT rockets. Well why should we get this even if they're basically obsolete? Well the main reason I can think of is because its still fun to use and gives you a better chance against those types of things. Plus many people complains about jets flying around so wouldn't auto-drive help keep jets in control and requires more skill to drive them? Just my opinion. 2) Offer a get-in option for people who don't have DLCs to vehicles. Basically what it does is simply allows the person to either gun or drive a vehicle that would require a DLC that they currently don't own. Now what are the pros and cons? Pros: ~ It levels the playing field where people without dlc can be just as effective with people who have the dlc. ~ Allows people to get into vehicles that they usually won't be able to ~ Anti-air missions are actually useful Cons: ~ You get an annoying message popping up because you don't have the dlc Now why should we get this? Well from what it seems like people's only comeback was that Bohemia will "Demonetize" the server. If that was the case then the number 1 wasteland server known as trailerpark wouldn't be number 1 and the number 1 altis life server named Olympus (Even though this server is boring AF) wouldn't be number 1 either. Either way its a win for everyone! 3) Allow flying vehicle engine power to be shown. Basically jets and blackfishes will show their engine power on the top left hand screen like it would in basic arma 3. Pros: ~ Convenience ~ Will be easier to land for people who use the engine gauge to know how fast they're dropping down or if they're going for a target engine. ~ Makes blackfishes more useful Cons: ~ There really is none The only thing I saw from 2 people from this server said that you could just go in first person with the blackfish to see the engine power, but that its honestly REALLY inconvenient. Nobody will lose anything if they just add the engine power gauge at the top left. Most people will gain with this actually! Now overall that is what I think should be added. Now why should you guys even add something for the sole fact of convenience? Well AWG is like a company trying to compete against other servers and convenience is literally one of the most important thing next to fun! A good example of this is the company Amazon. Did you know the main reason people shop there isn't the price? Its the convenience according to a small business portfolio by the small business administration. That is why I think convenience is very important. ESPECIALLY for this server! I hope you will consider this proposal!
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