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    Night time

    You guys ever think about doing night time like a full day/night cycle? I think it would be fun. I would love to be able to use the flashlights and nightvision every now and then, I kinda feel like a little bit of the game is missing when it just gets slightly dark then starts to get light again =/ Idk just food for thought.
  2. .... There was a tree branch poking the spot i had to dig so it was glitching it out, cut tree down, worked perfectly 😃
  3. Since the scroll option isnt there i have been finding that its hard to do a few things, one of them being digging up my bag with my money in it, i see the pile, try digging and it just digs worms up every time =/ idk if this is just me or anyone else having this problem, i have dug 35 holes an none of them have brought my bag up.
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