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  1. Sorry but no we it was a glitch in one of are mods and some how the weather was on we are not looking into adding feature back into the servers because its too hard for are systems to work as they are only single core computers with 6gb ssds
  2. Your base violated many of are rules please review the rules next time before you start building any territory's removed by admins will not be compensated for
  3. What are there names they will have to be added to the ban list.
  4. Hello you need to have 5k+ arma3 hours played and not idled once you have met that threshold you can play on are servers just how we sort out the cheaters
  5. Your Discord name: DuckisCanadian Banning Admin: albinogazelle Ban Reason: for atemping to report a player on discord and repeating what they had said to me and i was banned Duration of your ban (If known) perm Questions/Explanation: how commonly do you rehearse English lessons with your Chinese staff members? Any evidence? (Please provide any screenshot or video proof contradicting the ban): no papi
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