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  1. RHS USAF & AFRF added back. Old prices so bare with me. Enhanced movement and Urban Rappelling added as well. RHSSAF & GREF will be added later in the week. I should have the blank items sorted and missing vehicles fixed this week. Our trader configs are over a year old and RHS has updated in August, so I need to verify what they have changed and get it all sorted out.
  2. So some of you might have heard from a patron that we are in the process of demonetizing the server. Soon as we get notice out to BI, change patron tiers etc. We should be good to start adding mods we haven't been able to run. More on this decision later.... -Jets added back -Uavs added back. I don't want to make this a rule. But please keep the jets air-to-air, and armed ground targets such as AA/Tracked vehicles. Stay away from the soft targets Ex. Mozzies, Quads, Striders, unarmed heli's if you can.
  3. CBA updated - CBA_A3 v3.12.2.190909 change logs: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/450814997
  4. https://h0udini.com/6b047/5d7713a7e9afb.png You're welcome back at any time, Careful for what you wish for!
  5. - Removed zephyrs from the tigris, cheetah and reduced their price.
  6. Typing !toggleside in chat twice in a row will disable chat.
  7. Jets have been removed from trader. All jets stored have been removed. I'll refund everyone shortly. When jets are brought back, I'll re-import the jets I deleted. Plans moving forward. Finish porting vehicles and launchers...I know this has been stated in the past, Its not a fast process. We are porting A2 vehicles from scratch, not re-using configs etc. So bare with us, we are working on training additional staff to help. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me or post and tag me.
  8. Exile client updated to 1.0.41 -fixed "exile_client\trashBin\fn_spawnOrdered.sqf not found" -resigned whole mod with v3 signature -version bump to 1.0.41
  9. I'll look into adding more of a variety to the loot table.
  10. We have done this in the past and it never ends well, bans of trader camping spike due to AA and people running to the edge of the trader to fire at air targets. We have added custom loadout varients of the Cheeta, Tigris that have zephyr long range AA. These used right can be a headache for jets. I'll look into the flare count. But you have to remember...Jets can't re-arm in a safe zone. Landing either at Utes or at a base (usually along debug).
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