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  1. you will be banned regardless, that is your one warning, you will be banned for it by the filters and then you will have to appeal the ban.
  2. UID Is a 16 digit number assigned to every steam account you can find it here it will start with 7656............ https://steamidfinder.com/
  3. you need to join the white list channel on discord www.discord.me/awg follow the instructions post your profile and your UID and will get you taken care of
  4. JoshuaM

    NPC question

    which server? redux has roaming ai, crate locations that spawn, ai at crash sites, and zombies, bases only up to upgraded wood altis has full dmsmissions, ai at crash sites and bases are upgradable to full concrete
  5. do you need help in general with the server or looking for someone to help you in game, like a group or friends??
  6. Survivor Namalsk, with EM storms and those creepy sounds.................. enough said http://prntscr.com/hxlgah http://prntscr.com/hxlgs3
  7. Go Trump! (almost forgot to add that)
  8. Hi Guys I am Joshua, I am 38 year old father of 6, I am active Army stationed out in Colorado. I have just a few hours in Arma3, 7500+ give or take a few hundred. If you need anything or have any questions hit me up.
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