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  1. Changed: Traders positions, Stary has been moved to the Northwest Airfield and Klen Hill has been moved to the Northeast Airfield. Changed: Cement trader moved from Gvozdno to Gorka. Changed: KamyShowBoats has moved to Elektro docks. Added: New spec ops trader at Green Mountain. Added: New military loot area at Stary to replace trader location. Added: Several spawns have been added further inland. Added: Server now restarts every 3 hours EST time. That means that server, no matter what will restart at: 12AM, 3AM, 6AM, etc. Added: Large helis and several planes are available at the aircraft traders again, no jets yet. Removed: Abandoned Safe Event, was bugged. Removed: Old traders and all their objects. Fixed: ZCP rewards have been greatly increased and difficulty has slightly been increased as well. Fixed: Removed useless civilian vehicle rewards from ZCP. Fixed: Fixed pricing and respect costs of Venom gunship. Todo: Add jets as well as many other vehicles after a change in the rearm script. NOTE: Bases will need to be moved to adhere to the rules with the addition of new trader and spawn zone locations. 7 days well be allotted to allow players to move. CREDITS: @PsychoRaptor @Adam Kadmon @Six
  2. [AWG] Tanoa is now LIVE!! The time has come! After a longer than expected period beta test phase Tanoa is now live. This announcement is something AWG have long awaited to announce ever since the idea was first conceived and over the recent week our development team has been working tirelessly to make this a reality. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the release of our brand new Survival server! Features Include: Infected Zones for high end loot Fox Vehicles to give you that zombie apocalypse/Mad Max feel Extra storage items for base building Traders constructed to add to the survivalist feel
  3. Welcome to the community Vondu, we are glad to have you. Stay safe out there.
  4. Yo, I'm a 26yr old stay at home dad with the greatest son in world, and one of the new admins that followed over to AWG. I probably have the least amount of hours played in arma among the staff but I know how to play and I'm here to help. Just send me a message.
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