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    4. DayZ Standalone

      The newest addition to the AWG community. We are actively developing our own server! 

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    7. Arma Video Submissions

      Having fun playing on our server? Like to create and edit videos? Feel free to share them in the video section of our forum. (Click the banner up top, it may be hidden) All your videos will be posted here. 

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    1. Community Suggestions

      Here you can place all your community suggestions. Discord gets very cluttered so sometimes we do not see your suggestions. As donators we take all your suggestions into consideration. Please keep these suggestions generally, community related. (New games you'd like to see us host etc)

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    2. Admin Reports & Complaints

      Please click the template link and follow the instructions. 

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    Patreon is our only way to receive donations.


    You are not obligated to continue to donate but we do appreciate every dollar received.


    Obviously running a community as large as ours is not cheap so we thank you in advance for even considering to donate.

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    36% complete

    Self-Sustainable Community. 

    We have money for the servers.
    We have money for the devs.
    Now we just need to conquer the universe.

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    • Wazzap, Tkullberg here!   Its good to be back in Arma, lots of fun so far on this server. See y'all on the battlefield!     https://www.twitch.tv/tkullberg  
    • Hey guys i played alot on the AWG server under alot of names and in between breaks etc so you may not recocgnize me anyway im glad i get to play again on this server   I am always open to play with people so holla at me when you want to, i play alot of games, however starting next month im gonna enter military training and hopefully i can comeback after that and make AWG proud
    • Good Afternoon everyone! I have a suggestion to make regarding the Arma 3 Chernarus Mili Server, which is to add more optics into the server and to introduce another weapon pack. Whenever I go to the trader it seems that most of the scopes are weapon-specfic, meaning that a single scope only works on one weapon only. Besides this there are only the vanilla scope and a few scopes that are universal for the most part. I don't know whether the scopes from NIArms Weapon Pack vary much but it seem
    • Me and my friends have bought 2 cars now and every restart they despawn today was a pushed restart so we had to leave the server because of a update and we lost our car also no zombies are spawning around the map. Thanks 
    • When the AI become 200 IQ    
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