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      The newest addition to the AWG community. We are actively developing our own server! 

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      Having fun playing on our server? Like to create and edit videos? Feel free to share them in the video section of our forum. (Click the banner up top, it may be hidden) All your videos will be posted here. 

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      Here you can place all your community suggestions. Discord gets very cluttered so sometimes we do not see your suggestions. As donators we take all your suggestions into consideration. Please keep these suggestions generally, community related. (New games you'd like to see us host etc)

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      Please click the template link and follow the instructions. 

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    Patreon is our only way to receive donations.


    You are not obligated to continue to donate but we do appreciate every dollar received.


    Obviously running a community as large as ours is not cheap so we thank you in advance for even considering to donate.

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    Self-Sustainable Community. 

    We have money for the servers.
    We have money for the devs.
    Now we just need to conquer the universe.

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    • Yesterday 16/05/19 I witnessed a player named 'kkk' connecting to the Genesis server there was a server response message relating to a global Battleye Ban. For the next hour approx he attempted to connect multiple times but no more ban messages and then he eventually connected to the server.   I messaged him asking how he managed it and also informed him he would be reported on discord (which I believe another user did on my behalf) he stayed on the server for approx 1 hour.  
    • Основные правила: Запрещено использовать читы, дюп, глитч, баги игры .В противном случае вы будете забанены навсегда. Только админы с тегом [AWG] в имени имеют все внутриигровые полномочия. Обвинение администратора в злоупотреблении может привести к наказанию. Попытка взлома / DDoS сервера и его игроков  мгновенно приведет к перманентному бану (включая шутки на эту тему). Все жалобы, запросы на компенсацию или остальные запросы о помощи должны быть в форме тикета либо напишите в ди
    • Im asking for the reason of sniping out to 3.5km with a view distance of 4.5km or greater, 5km is fine the objects are clear and not hazy.
    • Yes I too would like to wire guide people from 5k out as well.
    • Just wondering if there was any chance to get the view distance upped to 5km on Infinity Exile server?
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