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  • News and Updates

    • Our militarized server has recently received a wipe and map change. Along with that, there have been quite a few mod changes and the introduction of reserved slots. Read the details on all of the changes below:

      - Mod changes:
              "TRYK":               https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=779520435
              "Mozzie Mod":  Will be added to AWG MOD
              "NIarms":            https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1208517358
              "Walker":            https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1103511215
              "CBA_A3":          https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=450814997
              "2035 Cherno":  Custom Version will be uploaded to workshop
              "2035_RAF":      https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=543460260
              "CUPCore":         https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184
              AWG mod:         Currently being customized for mili

          - Paths and overrides changed and cleaned up
          - All base parts converted to simple objects
          - Database switched to intercept DB from extDB3
          - Towing changed ( TFS towing removed ) New towing script written from scratch
          - Fixes for water bases ( radius, height check etc )
          - UAV fixes ( UAVs are now locked to a group shouldn't be stealable )
          - You can no longer place locks when a flag is stolen
          - You can no longer build during a raid ( Scripting checks, persistent over restart * Timer based currently set to 10 minutes )
              *** Any raid action will set the timer preventing building
          - Incoming Missile warning now triggers Exile combat warning
              *** prevents combat storing when notified of inbound missiles. Should minimized combat storing.
          - Code locks can be removed / code changed via scroll wheel when the door is unlocked. *** Thank Fish
          - Workbenches will be cleaned up more aggressively.
          - Build-able Stealing fixed.
          - Mission loot adjusted for new mods/weapons.
          - Loot tables updated with new weapons.
          - Gunner seat checks more aggressive checks for base parts. Added checks for commander seats
          - Pylon adjustments * More details to come later.
          - Exile Load screen changes. Default Arma lobby ** This will allow for reserved slots in the future.
          - Custom load screen messages ** More on this later.
          - Headless Client fixes and offloading


      Map Edits:
          - Trader locations will be mostly the same. Bash will be moved. Still playing with the location.
          - Block zones adjusted for 2035 ** Block zones will be visible for the first few days after the wipe to aid in base location selection.
          - Map de-cluttered ** Includes wrecks, certain bushes, grass, debris.
          - All traders and spawned buildings will be added to the map itself it prevents load time issues.

    • Summer is officially here, and so is our overhauled survival server!


      Below are the changes that were implemented:

      - Added new player build-able structures: 6 new Hero/Bandit custom made structures to replace the old housing system

      - Added small garage

      - Added large garage

      - Added boat house

      - Added Our own base building system: No more flags or territory radius, houses can be built anywhere on the map. If you can place the cement mixer it is legal to build there. So you can have a group of houses in different locations around the map or on different islands.

      Added a new family system: Territory and family are now one thing, you need a family to be able to build houses.

      - Added our new family ranking system: "Family Member" they are part of the family but do not have build rights and can't build near other family members.

      - Removed base payments to keep your buildings on the server. To keep your houses/base objects from despawning ANYONE in your family has to login once every two weeks to keep all walls from despawning. ANYONE in your family has to open the front door and access the gear of your house to keep the structure from despawning once every two weeks If you are actively playing then you are good to go!

      - Added 50 new custom made models for the all the stages to build up to the final stage of all the base buildables

      - Added new Vehicle spawn system similar to old dayzmod, vehicles will spawn in predefined locations. So if you find that vodnik inside of a barn as a fresh spawn, that is one of the possible locations for a vodnik to spawn at.

      - Added throwing knives that can kill zombies or players

      - Added functional melee weapons now kill zombies and players

      - Added our new custom Humanity system
                       Hero, Survivor, Bandit
      Everyone stats as a Survivor and from whatever actions you do in game, you can gain or loss humanity and become a Bandit or a Hero each   will have 3 levels for now

      - Added more maps around the island, redone loot tables.

      - Added our own Helicrash system: Unlike the old system, a heli will now fly around and will crash creating an actual crash site. If you see it flying before it has already crashed, you can shoot it down resulting in the same thing. This will happen 1 time every 30 minutes throughout the reset.

      - Added our own Airdrop system: A Huron will now fly around the map and drop a supply crate of loot in predefined "random" locations. You can also shoot down this down as well but the loot CAN be destroyed depending on the height of the chopper. This will happen 1 time every 30 minutes throughout the reset.

      - Updated Mission System: No more empty fields and lazy targets, missions will now be in towns and harder difficulty. We can always tweak this.

      - Added our own Barter system: New traders with predefined inventories will have random items each restart you can trade for. You can also use our MarXet player driven system to create a custom offer for other players to acquire your item by trading other in game items in return.

      - Major Overhaul! Our New Medical System: Player damage is completely overhauled from head to toe. Unlike the current system where getting shot in the foot or arm does the same damage as any other body part, different body parts will actually take different damage based on bullet caliber. You will no longer die in one hit with a 9mm shot to the hand like in the old exile system. It will feel a bit different and new but we think more balanced than before, be sure to give us feedback on this.

      - Medical Items:
          - Players have a chance to bleed from taking any damage, bandages stop bleeding.
          - Players have a chance be in pain from ONLY taking bullet damage from both players and AI, painkillers stops the pain. Your pain intensity can be higher/lower depending on the bullet caliber your shot with.
          - Players will always lose blood from getting shot by players or AI, falling, hit by a zombie etc, Blood bags will heal you over a short time period.
          - Players have a chance to break their legs from taking bullet damage from the waste down and fall damage. When you have broken legs, your character will now limp instead of going prone and crawling like in the very old dayz days. Morphine can be used to temporarily allow you to run for a limited amount of time, a splint will fully heal your legs.

      - Medical Humanity System: Any medical action performed on any other player will result in positive humanity no matter if your a hero or bandit.

      - Player Endurance: We have added a new variable to player health called endurance. Your endurance level will decrease temporarily as you take bullet damage ONLY from other players not AI. If you take bullet damage but survive the event, the next shots you get hit with will pack more of a punch resulting in a faster time to kill for the shooter even if you healed yourself to max blood and are a wearing body armor/helmet. This is similar to the body armor durability system in PUBG except, your endurance will go back up to full overtime. So if get shot and take heavy damage but successfully ran away from the event, your endurance will build back up to full and not stay at a low amount forever unlike armor in PUBG/DayZ. If you get shot again that of course will cancel the timer and again lower your endurance should you survive the shot. A broken shield icon will now appear on your hud to show your endurance level. When you do not see the icon that means your endurance is at its highest level. As you take bullet damage the shield icon will become more visible on screen all the way to full opacity when you've reached the lowest endurance level. The opacity then will then decrease overtime back to being fully invisible as your endurance increases.

      - Gradual Healing: To make the medical system run and feel more smooth and not have players kill themselves due to a medical event, your blood, pain, broken legs and player endurance will all heal slowly overtime. This will happen faster if you are above 70% food/drink. If you can't find whatever items you need, you don't suffer forever like in the old dayz days where you're screwed if you break your leg. Your penalized at first but then redeemed over time.




      - Old Wood walls
      - Glitched Reinforced walls
      - Wood Roofs
      - Old houses
      - Super Crate
      - Territory flags
      - Wood Gates
      - Wood Ramp
      - Wood Window
      - Respect
      - Poptabs


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