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    • Featured Friday 03/08/2019


      This weeks featured Friday content comes from @[SB]Savage Joe:





      We want to welcome to our team, 2x new staff members @Mr.Rik and @xzanman with two more to come soon! If you are interested in becoming staff, please message a current staff member, applications are broken at the moment.


      We would also like to reiterate, if you feel that any staff members are playing in our servers and abusing their powers please feel free to Open a ticket and/or message an Owner or Community Manager. We log ALL admin activity and it seems as though there is confusion as to who are actually members of our admin team. We do our best to keep the forums "Staff Page" updated as well as discord permissions.




      Do you play Star Citizen? If so, come check out our AWG Organization: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/20XX

      It’s a group dedicated to combat, smuggling, rape and pillage of the galaxy and the interests of those in our group. We have a great time with mature players. Discord for that group is https://discord.gg/xu4gr5k


      Check out this video of some dog fights:



    • Featured Friday


      Check out the featured video below from @Baby Nades


      We are aware of some issues that have been happening regarding unecessary Bans on the Arma 3 servers. These have been a result of the tool Infistar and are happening across ALL servers running exile mod. The tool developers are aware of the issue and are working to reslove it as soon as possible. If you have been banned for some unknown reason, reach out to an admin on discord or create an unban appeal here.




      We still have two moderator positions open! We have filled a few of our staff positions and they are quickly coming up to speed to be able to help in-game. If you are tired of the slow support, or just interested in learning how to admin a community of 9k+ people, go ahead and apply!



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